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Undergrad Volunteers

Applications for Research Assistant positions are currently being accepted. If you apply, the lab manager will contact you prior to the beginning of the coming semester.


Undergraduates, are you interested in becoming a research assistant?

PSL is always looking for research assistants (RAs) to join the team. Whether you have a general interest in research or specifically in the field of Political Science, becoming a RA is great experience. It can provide you a more in depth understanding of political science while providing you with first hand experience with lab activities like running experiments. If you are interested in working as an RA for the PSL Lab, please fill out the Research Assistant Application form.

New/Current Research Assistants

  1. Complete the Social/Behavioral course at CITI certification must be completed every three years.
  2. Fill out and print the "Independent Study Enrollment" from the registrar's website at The course number next to Research is 195.
  3. Coordinate with the Lab Manager on the amount of credits you will be receiving. Remember: 1 credit = 3 hours/week.
  4. Coordinate with Lab Manager to get your form signed by Professor Nicholson.
  5. Take the form to SSHA Reception to get it signed by the Dean.
  6. After picking up the signed form from SSHA Reception, turn it into Students First Office.

Please e-mail the Lab Manager, Reagan Dobbs, at if you have any further questions.

Updated 2021