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Pushing the Boundaries of the Discipline

The mission of the Political Science program is to push forward the boundaries of the discipline, and train graduate and undergraduate students to consume and produce sophisticated modern empirical and theoretical research. The rigorous methodological graduate training that students receive at UC Merced places them at the leading edge of the social sciences. We use a unique approach to graduate training, focused on Political Institutions & Political Economy (PIPE) and Political Cognition & Behavior (CAB), guaranteeing that students will have a comprehensive and creative understanding of politics. We believe in interdisciplinary research, crossing boundaries and finding new frontiers, so students are also encouraged to work with faculty from other disciplines such as cognitive science, psychology, economics, and sociology to enrich their education.

Featured News

May 15, 2024

An online workshop this week aims to deconstruct one of humanity’s most destructive traits: genocide. UC Merced’s Department of Cognitive and Information Sciences is bringing together an...

Graduating students honored by UC Merced
May 12, 2024

*/ Thirteen graduating students were honored by UC Merced’s School of Social Science, Humanities and Arts for outstanding academic careers. At a reception held May 9, Interim Dean Heather Bortfeld...

Two men in safety garments and goggles conduct an experiment at UC Merced.
May 9, 2024

The WE Will! Education and Workforce Collaborative, spearheaded by UC Merced and composed of partners from Merced, Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties, has awarded $10.6 million to community and...

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Our Faculty

One of the great strengths of political science at UC Merced is its faculty. We are dedicated to building a faculty of cutting-edge researchers and top-rate instructors.

At the Cutting Edge

Our faculty and students are at the forefront of innovative political science research. Our community celebrates publications, awards, presentations, and guest lectures.

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If you are interested in studying and working with leading scholars in Political Science, consider our program. Reach out to for more information.