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Job Market Candidates

Melissa N. Baker

Dissertation: Dispositional Traits and Susceptibility to Political Anxiety

Focus Areas: Political Psychology, American Politics, Emotions

Chair: Matthew V. Hibbing


Peter Carey

Dissertation: Repression, Group Threat, and the Threat Environment

Focus Areas: International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Violence

Chair: Courtenay R. Conrad/Emily Hencken Ritter


Nicholas A. Cruz

Dissertation: Judicial Independence and Authoritarian Stability

Focus Areas: Authoritarian Politics, Comparative Politics, State Repression

Chair: Haifeng Huang


Shengkuo Hu

Dissertation: The Negative Effects of "Good" Institutions on Political Violence

Focus Areas: Political Violence, Comparative Politics, International Relations

Chair: Courtenay R. Conrad



JunHyeok Jang

Dissertation: Political Institution, Information, and Authoritarianism

Focus Areas: Authoritarian Politics; Democratic backsliding; Information Control

Chair: Haifeng Huang


Ada Johnson-Kanu

Dissertation: Colonial legacies in state building: Bureaucratic embeddedness, public goods provision, and public opinion in Nigeria

Focus Areas: comparative politics, political economy, development.

Chair: Jessica Trounstine


Stephanie A. Nail

Dissertation: Information and Party Brands

Focus Areas: American Politics; Political Behavior; Methodology

Chair: Brad L. LeVeck



Updated November 2021