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Dr. Trounstine Publishes in Urban Affairs Review

January 14, 2022

"You Won't Be My Neighbor: Opposition to High-Density Development"

Virtually every city in the United States bans multifamily homes in at least some neighborhoods, and in many cities, most residential land is restricted to single-family homes. This is the case even though many metropolitan areas are facing skyrocketing housing costs and increased environmental degradation that could be alleviated by denser housing supply. Some scholars have argued that an unrepresentative set of vocal development opponents are the culprits behind this collective action failure. Yet, recent work suggests that opposition to density may be widespread. In this research note, I use a conjoint survey experiment to provide evidence that preferences for single-family development are ubiquitous. Across every demographic subgroup analyzed, respondents, preferred single-family home developments by a wide margin. Relative to single-family homes, apartments are viewed as decreasing property values, increasing crime rates, lowering school quality, increasing traffic, and decreasing desirability.

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