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Professor Elaine Denny Co-Authors Piece on the Immigration Policy Debate

April 12, 2021

Professor Elaine Denny co-authors research that's recently come out from the Brookings Institution (non-partisan public policy think tank). The research focuses on the immigration policy debate, with insights from their team's (Elaine Denny, David Dow, Jose Ordoñez, Wayne Pitts, Diego Romero, Juan Tellez, Mateo Villamizar Chaparro, Erik Wibbels, and Pamela Zabala) unique survey data of 1000+ Guatemalan deportees. Here is an excerpt from the blog.

4 things the Biden administration should pay attention to with the border crisis.

1. The lack of economic opportunity in Guatemala provides powerful incentives for cyclical migration to the US.

2. Most migrants are productive members of US communities, and aggressive enforcement hurts law-abiding families.

3. Poor governance in Guatemala contributes to migration, and the US can help.

4. Despite the costs and dangers of migration, many deportees intend to return to the US.

Read more of their research and the team's recommendations here.