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Major NSF Grant for Conrad and Monroe

July 25, 2017
Some wonderful news for UC Merced Political Science! Professors Courtenay Conrad and Nathan Monroe have just been awarded National Science Foundation funding to support their project "Process Matters: Legislative Procedure in the United Nations General Assembly." Congratulations Professors Conrad and Monroe on this achievement! 
The project considers the United Nations as a legislature, an approach that expands researchers' understanding of state behavior in international organizations. The United Nations General Assembly facilitates cooperation between states in the international system and provides a forum for states to send important signals, helping the management of collective resources, lowering the transaction costs of joint decision-making, and increasing the transparency with which decisions are made regarding war and peace. This new project will focus on conflict and negotiation that occurs in the UNGA happens before agenda items and resolutions ever reach the plenary floor, a subject that has received scant systematic attention in the past from researchers. 
The grant totals $118,553 for a duration of one year, some of which will support graduate students in Political Science. More information is available on the NSF website.