Dec. 4, 2017
Work by Prof. Emily Ritter was recently published in PS: Political Science and Politics as part of a spotlight on "Contentious Politics in the Trump Era." Congratulations to Prof. Ritter! Her contribution, "A President Principal and Immigration Agents: Moral Hazard" analyses...
Oct. 23, 2017
Topics ranging from ethnobotany, public health and feminism to agriculture, urban growth and social movements are among the highlights of the Mesoamerican Studies Center’s upcoming conference at UC Merced. “Mesoamericans in California: Immigrants’ Resistance, Social Movements, Rights, and Memory”...
Oct. 22, 2017
Now available in American Politics Research is new work from Prof. Jessica Trounstine, titled "Political Schizophrenics? Factors Affecting Aggregate Partisan Choice at the Local Versus National Level." Congratulations to Prof. Trounstine! The paper documents the presence of "...
Oct. 18, 2017
Newly published in the journal Political Behavior is Prof. Theodoridis' paper "Seeing Spots: Partisanship, Negativity, and the Conditional Receipt of Campaign Advertisements." Congratulations to Prof. Theodoridis and his co-author! The paper studies how voters select what media they...
Oct. 18, 2017
If you’ve ever wondered why people stand where they do on the political spectrum, science might have at least part of the answer: People can be biologically predisposed to certain feelings toward politics and society. A new paper lead-authored by UC Merced graduate student Chelsea Coe indicates...
Oct. 16, 2017
Political science students are invited to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the unit’s founding with a special student-oriented event from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Oct. 18 in the Classroom and Office Building 2, Room 390. The event gives students the opportunity to meet with their faculty members — who...
Oct. 3, 2017
Graduate students Chelsea Coe, Kayla Canelo, and Kau Vue, along with Profs. Matthew Hibbing and Stephen Nicholson, have just had their paper "The Physiology of Framing Effects" published in the Journal of Politics. Congratulations to all! The paper argues that framing effects - a...
Sep. 18, 2017
More timely research, as Professor Courtenay Conrad's paper "Threat Perception and American Support for Torture" has just been published in Political Behavior (FirstView). Congratulations to Prof. Conrad and her co-authors! The paper presents theoretical and empirical evidence about...
Aug. 28, 2017
Professor Alexander Theodoridis' paper "Addressing Concerns About Climate Policies" has just been published in Environmental Politics. Congratulations Prof. Theodoridis and co-author! The paper uses a survey experiment to evaluate public support for "responsive accommodation,...
Aug. 22, 2017
Professor Alexander Theodoridis' paper "Disputed Ownership: Parties, Issues, and Traits in the Minds of Voters" has just been published in Political Behavior. Congratulations Prof. Theodoridis and co-author! The paper proposes two theoretical ways in which "ownership" of...
Aug. 16, 2017
Considering that the United States spends about $3.3 billion on United Nations-related activity each year, including peacekeeping — and President Donald Trump has proposed a 40 percent cut in that spending — this seems like a good time for U.S. policy makers to have a clear understanding of how the...
Aug. 16, 2017
Professor Alex Theodoridis' extremely timely paper "Me, Myself, and (I), (D), or (R)" has just been published in the Journal of Politics. Congratulations Professor Theodoridis! Combining large-scale survey data, new theoretical innovations, and an Implicit Association Test, the paper...
Jul. 26, 2017
Professor Aditya Dasgupta's paper "(When) Do Anti-poverty Programs Reduce Violence?" has just been published in International Organization. Congratulations Professor Dasgupta and co-authors! The study uses the staggered roll-out of a major anti-poverty program in India to study the...
Jul. 25, 2017
Some wonderful news for UC Merced Political Science! Professors Courtenay Conrad and Nathan Monroe have just been awarded National Science Foundation funding to support their project "Process Matters: Legislative Procedure in the United Nations General Assembly." Congratulations...
Jul. 24, 2017
Department Chair Professor Stephen Nicholson's paper "The Hidden Appeal and Aversion to Political Conspiracies as Revealed in the Response Dynamics of Partisans" has just been accepted at the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Congratulations Professor Nicholson and co-...
Jul. 19, 2017
Distracted or mentally taxed voters across America are less likely to vote for candidates of color, a new paper indicates. Through a series of mock election experiments, UC Merced Professor Jessica Trounstine, graduate student Kau Vue and two colleagues demonstrate that voters often rely on racial...
Jul. 17, 2017
Adriana Diaz Mireles is on a mission. Inspired by coursework on human rights, the UC Merced senior is intent on pursuing a career in humanitarian advocacy. But first, she’s working to make a name for herself before graduating. This summer, Diaz Mireles traveled to New York to participate in the...
Adriana Diaz Mireles
Jul. 10, 2017
Professor Melissa Sands' paper "Exposure to Inequality Affects Support for Redistribution" has been doubly recognized as both the Best Paper in Political Psychology, and the Best Paper in Public Policy, presented at the American Political Science Association...
Jun. 26, 2017
Professor Jessica Trounstine and graduate student Kau Vue's paper "A Different Kind of Disadvantage: Candidate Race, Electoral Institutions, and Voter Choice" has been recognized as the Best Paper in Urban and Local Politics presented at the American Political Science Association'...
Jun. 26, 2017
UC Merced Political Science is delighted to announce three new tenure-track Assistant Professors who will join the faculty on July 1st, 2017. Their appointments will further build the teaching and research profile of the university.   Adi Dasgupta joins UC Merced from Stanford University,...
Jun. 23, 2017
The UC Merced Political Science faculty is celebrating the promotions of Matthew Hibbing and Haifeng Huang to Associate Professor with tenure, effective July 1st 2017. Congratulations to both! Prof. Hibbing joined the faculty in 2011, having completed his Ph.D at the University of Illinois. His...
Jun. 19, 2017
Prof. Tom Hansford, graduate student Chanita Intawan, and Prof. Steve Nicholson wrote a blog post for Political Behavior, about their recent publication titled “Snap Judgment: Implicit Perceptions of a (Political) Court.”
Jun. 15, 2017
Graduate student Chanita Intawan and Professor Steve Nicholson's, "My Trust in Government is Implicit: Automatic Trust in Government and System Support," has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Politics.
Jun. 6, 2017
Prof. Matthew Hibbing published a post entitled, "Satisfaction with public policy decisions is dependent on the racial composition of decision-makers, not only on the decisions themselves," on the USAPP Blog of the London School of Economics and Political Science.
May. 30, 2017
Domonique Jones got a taste of public office while serving as president of the Associated Students of UC Merced (ASUCM). Now the 2016 graduate is furthering that information in the state Capitol. Since her graduation, Jones has been serving in the legislative branch in Sacramento as part of the...
Domonique Jones
May. 10, 2017
Prof. Jessica Weeks of the University of Wisconsin will present her paper entitled "How and why does public opinion affect foreign policy in democracies?" on May 10th in our final seminar talk of Spring 2017.
May. 10, 2017
Prof. Haifeng Huang published a post on rumors and public opinion in China in the Monkey Cage column of the Washington Post on May 10th.
May. 3, 2017
The newest campus in the University of California system, UC Merced is a campus that attracts leaders — individuals who enjoy the challenge of paving the way for others to follow — and the Class of 2017 is no different. On May 13 and 14, the campus community will celebrate more than undergraduate...
Commencement is May 13 and 14
May. 2, 2017
Raman Deol successfully defended her dissertation entitled, “Traits and States: The Interactive Effect of Emotion and Personality on Political Behavior,” making her the first recipient of a PhD in Political Science from UC Merced.
May. 1, 2017
Political science undergraduate student Eddie Lucero has been selected as a recipient of the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SSHA) Outstanding Student Award.
Apr. 28, 2017
Professor Justin Grimmer of Stanford University gave a two-day workshop on "Text as Data" for faculty and graduate students on Thursday and Friday, April 27-28.
Apr. 26, 2017
Professor Elizabeth Maggie Penn of the University of Chicago gave a talk entitled "Does Representation Induce Polarization? A Theory of Choosing Representatives" on Wednesday, April 26th, as part of our understanding politics speaker series.
Apr. 26, 2017
A paper by graduate students Chelsea Coe, Kayla Canelo, Kau Vue, and professors Matthew Hibbing and Steve Nicholson, entitled "The Physiology of Framing Effects: Threat Sensitivity and the Persuasiveness of Political Arguments," has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Politics...
Apr. 12, 2017
Graduate student Tessa Provins' paper, "Compensation, Opportunity, and Information: A Comparative Analysis of Legislative Nonresponse in the American States" (with David Fortunato), was accepted for publication in Political Research Quarterly.
Mar. 28, 2017
UC Merced is hiring a lecturer in IR/Comparative for 2017-18. The recruitment is open until April 16th, 2017. See here for details:
Mar. 15, 2017
Professor Jennifer Merolla of UC Riverside gave a talk on her book, Framing Immigrants: News Coverage, Public Opinion, and Policy (with Chris Haynes and S. Karthick Ramakrishnan), today as part of the Understanding Politics Speaker Series.
Mar. 3, 2017
Professors Tom Hansford and Nate Monroe will host a Facebook live broadcast on the Supreme Court and the Senate on Tuesday, March 7, at noon.
Mar. 1, 2017
Professors Courtenay Conrad and Emily Ritter published a post, "A Trump moratorium on international treaties could roll back human rights — here at home," on the Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog.
Feb. 27, 2017
Prof. Matthew Hibbing and graduate student Raman Deol's paper, "The Relationship between Personality and Response Patterns on Public Opinion Surveys: The Big Five, Extreme Response Style, and Acquiescence Response Style" (with Matthew Cawvey, Andrew Bloeser, and Jeffery J. Mondak),...
Feb. 17, 2017
Professor Tom Hansford, graduate student Chanita Intawan, and Professor Steve Nicholson's paper, “Snap Judgment: Implicit Perceptions of a (Political) Court,” has been accepted for publication in Political Behavior.
Feb. 15, 2017
Josh Kertzer, Assistant Professor of Government at Harvard University, gave a talk on "Tying Hands, Sinking Costs, and Leader Attributes" on Wednesday, February 15th.
Feb. 15, 2017
Professor Courtenay Conrad's paper, "Torture and the Limits of Democratic Institutions" (with Daniel W. Hill, Jr. and Will Moore), has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Peace Research.
Feb. 10, 2017
Jungmoo Woo's paper, "Oil Export, External Prewar Support for the Government, and Civil Conflict Onset," has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Peace Research.
Feb. 7, 2017
Brad LeVeck's paper, "The Democratic Peace and the Wisdom of Crowds" (with Neil Narang), has been accepted by the International Studies Quarterly.
Jan. 10, 2017
Brad LeVeck and Stephanie Nail's paper, "Evidence for a scale invariant relationship between the incumbency advantage and the nationalization of US House election 1866-2014," has been published by Research & Politics.

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