Nov. 11, 2018
Prof. Thomas Hansford and graduate student Chelsea Coe’s paper “Linguistic Complexity, Information Processing, and Acceptance of Supreme Court Decisions” has just been published in Political Psychology. Congratulations to Prof. Hansford and Chelsea Coe! The paper considers the...
Nov. 10, 2018
Prof. Jessica Trounstine and graduate student Kau Vue’s paper “A Different Kind of Disadvantage: Candidate Race, Cognitive Complexity, and Voter Choice” has just been published in Political Behavior. Congratulations to Prof Trounstine and Kau Vue, and their co-authors!"...
Aug. 21, 2018
UC Merced Political Science is delighted to welcome Dr Elaine K. Denny, Assistant Professor of Political Science, who joined the faculty on July 1st, 2018. Her appointment expands the teaching and research profile of the university. Denny joins UC Merced from Duke University, where she was a...
Aug. 20, 2018
Prof. Matthew Hibbing’s paper "The Trump Draw: Voter Personality and Support for Donald  Trump in the 2016 Republican Nomination Campaign" has just been published in American Politics Research. Congratulations to Prof Hibbing and his co-authors! The paper explores how the...
Aug. 9, 2018
Professor Aditya Dasgupta's paper "Technological Change and Political Turnover: The Democratizing Effects of the Green Revolution in India" has just been published in the American Political Science Review! Congratulations to Prof. Dasgupta! The study examines the linkage between...
Aug. 6, 2018
Prof. Alex Theodoridis’ paper "Worth Weighting? How to Think About and Use Weights in Survey Experiments" has just been published in Political Analysis. Congratulations to Prof Theodoridis and his co-authors! The paper studies the use of sampling weights to adjust online survey...
Jun. 20, 2018
Though illustrations have been used to convey ideas and information since before language existed, after Benjamin Franklin published the world’s first editorial cartoon in 1754, comics emerged a distinct avenue for visual storytelling. Now, comic art has come into classrooms at UC Merced and abroad...
May. 10, 2018
A generous gift from the grandmother of a UC Merced alumna and current staff member is benefitting two undergraduate students who put the UC Merced Library to good use. Melissa Becerra, a third-year psychology student, and Nathan Parmeter, who graduates this week, are the first recipients of the...
Feb. 27, 2018
Prof. Tom Hansford, graduate student Chanita Intawan, and Prof. Stephen Nicholson's paper "Snap Judgment: Implicit Perceptions of a (Political) Court" has just been published in Political Behavior. Congratulations to all! The paper develops a novel implicit measure of political...
Feb. 16, 2018
Prof. Stephen Nicholson and graduate student Chelsea Coe have just published "The Nature of Party Categories in Two-Party and Multiparty Systems" in Advances in Political Psychology. Congratulations to Prof. Nicholson, Chelsea, and co-authors! The paper reviews a research program...
Jan. 12, 2018
Available in First View at the Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization, is "Amendment Politics and Agenda Setting," the latest paper from Prof. Nathan Monroe. Congratulations to Prof. Monroe and his co-authors! The paper studies a critical step of the legislative...
Jan. 9, 2018
Professor Jessica Trounstine's paper "Voting Can Be Hard, Information Helps" has been recognized as the Best Paper in American Politics presented at the Midwest Political Science Association's 2017 meeting. Congratulations to Prof. Trounstine and her co-authors...
Jan. 5, 2018
Out now in International Studies Quarterly is new work from Prof. Brad LeVeck, titled "The Democratic Peace and the Wisdom of Crowds." Congratulations to Prof. LeVeck and his co-author! The paper demonstrates that groups of decisions-makers, voting on what to offer and accept in a...

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